2019 - In the heart of the Sahara

The life's work of the photographer Maximilien Bruggmann (1934-2016) includes images from four continents, which he skillfully captured during 60 trips with his Hasselblad and his Nikon. 18 of these trips took him to the Sahara, where he documented the life of the Tuareg nomads, especially in the film "Ombres bleues du Tassili" (1961) and above all where he showed great interest in rock art.

The exhibition "In the heart of the Sahara" shows pictures of people and landscapes from the years 1964-1969 and from 1993-2003, taken in Algeria, Niger, Tchad, Libya and Mauritania.

The "Galerie du Vieux Pressoir" in Onnens is located in an old wine cellar. You can still see the old press, a barrel of wine and the water well that reaches down to the water table. These details give the room a homely atmosphere.

Onnens is located near Grandson at Yverdon-les-Bains on the edge of Lake Neuchâtel.


The Ténéré tree was a lonely acacia tree, considered the most isolated tree on Earth.


As a Sahara lover and tireless traveler, the photographer Maximilien Bruggmann (1934-2016) bequeathed us a considerable work, accumulated during sixty journeys which have taken him to all continents ... except to Australia. Over 150,000 slides tell the story of the men, the landscapes, the culture of the countries and regions where he stayed, the people, their everyday life or history he shared.

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Land of the great sandy deserts, the mountain landscape of Tassili n’Ajjer and the Hoggar massif.

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The Tuareg live as nomads or sedentary oasis inhabitants in the Aïr Mountains and in the Erg du Ténéré. The Kanuri live in the south and the Tubu live in the east of Niger.

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Chad and Libya

The Tibesti Mountains are one of the most isolated regions on earth and are populated by the Tubu. The administrative center is the city of Bardaï.

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Impressions of the exhibition

The ambience in the showroom.

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