This picture is a document. It depicts Angela Loij, who was born sometime between 1896 and 1898 on the estancia “La Sara” (Tierra del Fuego province). This woman is the last survivor from the Ona-lndian tribe, who inhabited a large part of Tierra del Fuego not so long ago. Angela Loij lives in a modest little house in Río Grande, the second largest town on the island, with the support of some clergymen who have settled in the area. The Ona hunted on foot. They consumed the meat of guanacos, foxes, birds and seals, but also shellfish, mushrooms, wild fruits and berries. They built conical, portable huts out of branches and covered them with skins. To protect themselves from the cold, they greased their bodies. The Ona lived in small groups of only about twenty people. - 1973